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On our company have detailed what we consider some of the best areas and National Parks within the listed countries to visit and as you look through we would like to invite you to contact us about what interests you most.

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Special Activities

1-Day Chagga Village, Coffee/Banana Plantation, and Waterfalls. A great way to see the local culture and stretch your legs with an easy hike.

Travel Insurance

You have made a significant investment in your travel plans and, while in most cases everything will run smoothly, situations may arise on…

Local Expert

To see wildlife at its best it is essential to have a good guide. We choose our safari guides very carefully. They must be familiar with the surroundings…

Camping Safaris

Africa Serengeti Safari’s outfit camping Safaris both in and outside of the National Park boundaries . Outside of park boundaries we are able to…

Why should you love Africa Serengeti Safari’s?

Africa Serengeti Safari’s contributes to community development through providing employment to local people who works as Tour Guides, Coordinators of Cultural Tourism Enterprises, traditional dancing, storytelling, food service provision, accommodation service provision (home stays & camping) and through direct sales of goods and services to tourists.
Africa Serengeti Safari’s creates an opportunity for local people to sell goods and services directly to tourists. On the other hand, communities benefit indirectly through tax or levy on tourism income or profits with proceeds.

Contribute to Life-Enhancing Community Projects.

The Serengeti Plain, the Great Ruaha Rift, and the Masai and Chagga tribes – these natural and cultural wonders of Tanzania can transport you to a world without pressures or worries. Sadly, the human realities within this beautiful region are startling: High infant mortality, poor health care, and low literacy rates stemming from extreme poverty.
Many societies needs are immense and resources are few. Volunteer in Tanzania, and teach classroom subjects, upgrade community buildings, and help plant and maintain school gardens.

Invironment Conservation

Forests are a valued resource in Tanzania, but deforestation is rapidly destroying much of the country’s wooded areas.
Growth of human settlements, need for fuel and industrialization are responsible for this rate of destruction. Many non-governmental organizations are taking initiative as a result.

Cultural tours are truly special, particularly if both groups participate fully.

Before arriving at your destination, learn how to say “Hello” and “What is your name?” in the native language. Ask your guide about cultural sensitivities (what not to do) so that no one is offended. Follow the lead of your guide and ask how to best communicate. There may be a leader or elder, who should be greeted.
Sit or stand with the group. Say “Hello” and ask their name. Give them your name, shake their hand. Have them show you their belongings or what they are doing. If there are separate groups (men/women, young/old), try to visit with each group. 

About Kilimanjaro Mountain (5985m)

Mount Kilimanjaro is located three degrees south of the equator in Northeastern Tanzania. It is the tallest mountain in Africa and is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. This immense mountain is made up of three volcanoes: Shira, Mawenzi, and our goal, Kibo, the tallest one in the middle.

Of the famous highest seven peaks in the world, this is the easiest to get to and the easiest to climb. It requires no technical climbing experience, and any moderately fit person can summit the mountain.


Tanzania Safaris experience you would  like

Follow the Serengeti with your own light mobile camp
Family Safari - an epic safari in Tanzania for spirited families
The Serengeti Wildebeest Migration - River Crossings
Mobile Safaris in Ruaha National Park, Southern Tanzania
Chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains

Most Popular Mountains in Tanzania

Mountain Kilimanjaro (5895m)

The tallest mountain in Africa and one of the highest free-standing mountains in the world.

Oldonyo Lengai (2100m)

Rises about 2,100 meters above the East African Rift Valley floor to a height approximately 2,880 m.

Mount Meru (4566m)

Mount Meru is a great preparation hike for climbing Kilimanjaro, or a spectacular trek for those not compelled to do Kilimanjaro.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Over 10 species of primates including the Sanje crested manga bay and the Iringa Red colobus monkey plus a wide variety of birdlife make home in the forests of this park.

All you need to know about Kilimanjaro Mountain


Many charities climb Kilimanjaro as a fund-raising activity. We can help your charity climb with group rates, by sponsoring t-shirts, and helping with your travel plans.
A fund-raising trek is an adventurous once-in-a-lifetime experience for participants while serving a humanitarian or environmental cause.
Local experts

To see wildlife at its best it is essential to have a good guide. We choose our safari guides very carefully. They must be familiar with the surroundings and also be experienced in how to approach animals as close as possible without taking a risk or causing them to flee.

They all have a profound knowledge of flora and fauna, providing you with as much background information as you wish. You will also be advised about how to behave in national parks in order to maximize viewing opportunities and at the same time ensuring that nature remains untouched and animals are respected. They are thoroughly trained in visitors’ safety and first aid. Their ability to drive and maintain a 4WD vehicle is excellent.

On walking safaris, you will always be accompanied by specialist local experts that know each place like the back of their hand. Your guide will ensure you have an interesting and pleasant visit, always respecting the privacy and autonomy you may wish to have.


  • Shorts, mid-thigh or longer
  • Long pants (zip-off pants are very useful)
  • Short-sleeved shirts
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Undergarments, socks


  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Camera, lenses, filters, memory disks
  • Video camera, tapes
  • Batteries, chargers
  • GPS (for Geocaching)

First AID

  • Ibuprofin, Aceteminophen, or Aspirin
  • Bandaids/plasters
  • Disinfectant, antiseptic cream
  • Gauze bandages and tape

Best Selling Packages of the Year

Serengeti Migration -Western Corridor

Serengeti Balloon Safari,Night game drive,Walking Safari,Game drive,Maasai Village/Boma

Tanzania Country is a Magical Safaris paradises with stunning scenery,  abundant wildlife and diverse cultures .

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Luxury Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Package

Higher summit success rates with added comforts and safety equipments.

Our luxury Kili trekking package upgrade includes:- Special Kilimanjaro guide with Wilderness First Responder certification.

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Tanzania Northern Circuit Adventure - 16 Days

March is a fantastic time to visit Tanzania. The migration is typically in the southern Serengeti

This itinerary combines a group Kilimanjaro trek and a group wildlife Safari game drive it is one fantastic package! 

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