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  • We offer various Luxury safari
  • From Ultimate safari, classic safari,
  • Wildlife safaris, honey moon, Special
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Budget Safari Tour Tanzania
  • We offer various budget safari.
  • From 2 days to 9 days.
  • Price from 200 usd per person
  • Free Airport Pickup/Drop off
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  • We offer Various mid range safari.
  • From 2 days to 9 days.
  • Price from 350 usd per person
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Join Group Safari Tour Tanzania
  • We offer various group safari
  • From 2 days to 9 days.
  • Price from 200 usd per person
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Lodge safari Tour Tanzania
  • We offer various Lodge Safaris
  • From 2  days to 9 days,
  • Sleep in Lodge inside the Park
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4 Days Budget Camping Safari Tanzania
  • We offer various Camping safari
  • From 2 days to 9 days.
  • Price from 200 usd
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Mount Kilimanjaro Trek
  • We offer Various mt Kilimanjaro routes
  • From 5 days to 9 days climb.
  • Price from 1500 usd
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  • We offer various Zanzibar tour
  • Tours from 2 days to 9 days.
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Reasons to visit Tanzania

Africa Travel Experience Redefined

Africa Serengeti Safaris delighted to welcome you to Africa, the home of Safari!
We have great safari offers, having a combined work experience in tours and travel with Us

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

  • The highest point in Africa
  • Fantastic landscape on a clear day.
  • Trilling climb with Diverse Vegetation
  • Shout your triumph from its peak
  • See the great mountain from its base. 

Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area

  • The high walls of a massive volcanic caldera 
  • Home to Africa’ Big 5. 
  • See the extinct black rhinoceros,
  • Among seven world wonder
  • Hike nearby Empaakai Crater gives view of the region.

Maasai Culture

  • See jumping dance of the Maasai and Colorful clothes
  • Visit Maasai Boma and sleep their.
  • Go Hunting with Maasai or Bushmen
  • Learn Maasai Culture in Maasai Village.
  • Sing at take photos with Maasai or Bushmen.
  • Buy Maasai beads and culture things

Climbing Mount Meru

  • Climbing Mount Meru is a shorter, less daunting.
  • Achievable in just three or four days.
  • Less challenging hike.
  • Vast types of vegetation’s.
  • Mount Meru summit can be added on at the start or finish of your safari adventure.

Great Serengeti Wildebeest Migration

  • Seasonal movement of huge numbers of animals in Serengeti’s
  • wildebeest, zebra, Grant’s gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle, eland and impala.
  • See Migration Crossing Mara River 
  • There move is annually and are predictable.
  • They constantly seek fresh grazing and better quality of water. 

Zanzibar- Stone Town

  • City steeped in history, a true mix of Culture
  • Relax in world famous beaches,
  • Stone Town than meets the eye, Museums, Food market.
  • There are a number of Zanzibar day trips
  • Nungwi Tours, Snorkeling, Diving, Spice Tours
  • Swim With Dolphin Tours, Changuu Prison Island,

Arusha National Park Walking Safaris

  •  Lack of dangerous wildlife animals,
  • Walk pass animals from close range
  • Visit Meru waterfalls
  •  You can even combine your hike with a game drive or a canoe safari!

Camping Safaris

  • Hear Animals Sounds and noise at Mid Night
  • Truly adventurous animals visits campsite,
  • Bone fire during dinner inside the park.
  • Get All Equipment’s and Staff
  • Very Safe as its guided 24 hrs with armed rangers


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Africa Serengeti Safaris – One of the Reliable Tanzania Safari Tour Operators

Africa is known as the ultimate destination for safari lovers. As one of the highly trusted Tanzania safari tour operators, Africa Serengeti Safaris offers a wide range of packages for our customers. We are committed to offering the most adventurous and exciting experience for all travellers.

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If you are planning for Tanzania budget travel tours, you can choose us without a shadow of doubt. We also offer luxurious wildlife safari packages for interested people. You can find specially designed group packages and honeymoon packages as well.

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Our customer service is unparalleled and we take care of your needs with utmost accountability and care. Experienced travel guides take you across the best routes to make your safari experience unbelievable and unforgettable.

As one of the most responsible and reliable Tanzania safari tour operators, we are dedicated to providing maximum safety for our customers. Our tour packages also include finest accommodation and you can expect optimal comfort and relaxation. Africa Serengeti Safaris also offers airport transfers and car booking for travellers.

If you want to experience an unbelievable wildlife safari experience in Tanzania, get in touch with us.


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